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An Archaeological Project


The Lenton Priory Project relies heavily on strong partnerships. In bringing together expertise, funding and support from different  bodies and organisations, we’ve been able to be as efficient as possible and make the project successful.

Dunkirk and Lenton Partnership Forum

The Forum was established in 1995 by a group of residents coming together with the aim of improving the area. The organization grew through creation of newsletter publishing local news and connecting the community. The Forum became a charity and began to carry out community development work, including consulting local people on issues, supporting community groups and projects, increasing volunteering to develop skills and confidence and involving local people in decision making. The Forum became part of The Lenton Centre in April 2014 and is now a project within this charity with a mission of improving the area for all. We work across the ward of Lenton and Dunkirk and part of Radford and Park. We work to consult the community, involve them in decision making, address needs and gaps in services and resources through partnership working.we work to develop community iniatives and projects and to involve the community.We involve volunteers and aim to develop skills and confidence.We currently manage 2 community gardens, a hot meals service, a green corridor project, a community meeting, a canal tidy group,and we are working to plan the Martinmass fair.

The non-metropolitan district council for the City of Nottingham.

The company provided the archaeological expertise during the project.  

A government-initiated body to fund local, regional and national heritage projects from the National Lottery.

Our Partners

Nottingham City Council

As a key partner in this project, the council is keen to link up new developments such as the tram with an increased focus on heritage and cultural tourism. The project would complement Council plans to improve the Castle, and fit into their Heritage Strategy, which specifies the aim of attracting more visitors through better exploitation of Nottingham's medieval heritage. Lenton would become a crucial point within the cultural network of the city as a whole.

Holy Trinity and the Priory Churches

The church bodies have been keen to uncover the history of the Priory and have made all efforts to allow the project to develop and succeed.

Trent & Peak Archaeology

Trent & Peak are professional archaeological contractors based in the East Midlands. With 45 years experience, and being the longest serving contractor, the company is involved in a  wide range of projects, with expertise in archaeology during aggregate extraction, rural excavation, and fluvial geopmorphology.

Heritage Lottery Fund

As well as making the all important financing of the project possible, the Lottery Fund ensures that the project continually engages with the Community and that it leaves a lasting legacy for generations to come.

The Holy Trinity Church and Church of Saint Anthony in Lenton have been instrumental in allowing the Martinmas events and archaeological project to commence.