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An Archaeological Project

The priory archaeology has been researched on many occasions throughout the centuries. The published findings appeared in a range of printed or electronic media.

This page acknowledges this information while providing a useful starting point for further research.  

Online Resources

Nottinghamshire History

Herbert Green, Lenton Priory. Articles from the Transactions of the Thoroton Society.

British History Online

House of Cluniac monks: The priory of Lenton.

Nottinghamshire History

 Bramley, A short history of  the religious houses in Nottinghamshire to the time of the Dissolution, (1948). Copyright: A.P. Nicholson.

Lenton Times

J. T. Godfrey. The History of the Parish and Priory of Lenton (1884).

Southwell & Nottingham Church History Project

Lenton St Anthony Church: History (No author/copyright).

Lenton Times

The Story of Lenton Priory (Lenton Listener, Issue 49, 1987-1988).

Lenton Times

Old Church Street, Lenton - Photographs (No author/copyright).