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A forgotten gem on the Nottinghamshire landscape

Ask most people in Nottingham about the Priory and you’ll get a blank look. Read on to find out more about how such an vast building towered over the local area in both physical size and influence on the local community.

The Priory was founded in 1106 - 1107 AD by Cluniac monks, and would once have been one of the most impressive buildings in the country. It was once famed for its elaborate architecture, but today only a single column base remains.

Today, its location in Lenton, Nottingham, is a cosmopolitan area undergoing significant change, not least with the new tram development due to be opened in 2015.

The only surviving above-ground remnant of the grand structure itself is a single column base located on Old Church Street. Some associated structures survive, notably the Chapel of St. Anthony, which was founded by 1225 as a hospital chapel and substantially rebuilt in 1883, and now forms the eastern end of the practicing Priory Church of St Anthony. The walls of the church graveyard are also thought to be medieval in date.

The Priory