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An Archaeological Project

The Tram

NET2 tram Network Development

The new Nottingham Express Transit (NET2) tram network would have potentially damaged underlying medieval archaeology associated with the Lenton priory and its outer precinct. From reconstructions by Barnes (1987) and Elliott and Berbank (1952), it could be estimated that the route would pass through the northern and western parts of the priory precinct. From east to west:

• After crossing the River Leen, it would pass (along Gregory Street) through the former Glasshouse Close, the site of the priory workshops.

• From the Old Church Street junction (and possibly from further east) it will then cross any surviving parts of the precinct wall exposed and recorded in a water mains trench in Gregory Street in 1947 (Elliott and Berbank 1952, 48-9). The Outer Gate of the priory has been supposed to lie under Gregory Street, and would thus be crossed by the route, though Greig (1992, fig. 1) placed it further west, by the Old White Hart.

•  Turning south-west down Abbey Street (which has been straightened since the late 19th century) the route would cross the site of the priory Fair.

• Running down the west side of Abbey Street, the route will cross the line of two walls recorded by Young in 1984, possibly to be identified as the western outer precinct wall and an adjacent building

• The excavations in the village of Lenton (Kinsley and Hurford 2004) have shown that structural remains of the Priory may be expected to survive very close to the surface, even beneath the modern roads..